Teddy Bear


Teddy Bears have a very soft spot in my heart. Doesn’t everybody love a cuddly teddy bear. We are fortunate to still have both my teddy that I received as a baby and my husbands. I don’t remember the name of mine but my Husbands was ‘George’ – he has a very good memory and remembers many trivial things unlike me..  I am not sure a single teddy is such a big thing for kids these days. 40 years ago it was a special object given by a special person in the life of the newborn baby. Today, babies get so many presents, dolls, teddies, soft toys. None of my girls have one teddy they call their own special friend.

Teddies have always been a popular theme for stitchery designs and I have done several over the years, you can see some here.

Other designs can be found here, some favourites here and for cross stitchers look here.

I asked Miss Tessie to take some pics of our favourite teddies for you whilst I was writing this. Some I have made (in my teddy bear making days), some were collected, some given and some found a warm home here with us.



My teddy is the orange one and George is to his right.


Just what a teddy is for…


Teddy needs to eat his toast also…a teddy is always great for make believe games…

hug your teddy today

hugs, Helen

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Fairy Floss

fairy floss

hello to all of my ‘Nice’ friends and stitcher’s. A very busy week here with lots of Angel swapping happening over here. And of course yet another birthday party for #2 Tessie Bessie. My waistline simply cannot take one more party! But as she had a lovely party with 9 friends at a Trampoline shed pretending to be Olympians. Fairy Floss, I thought was a suitable block to show you this week as it is sort of party food? Pity we cannot make it but we simply don’t need yet another electrical appliance in the cupboard which is barely used.

We are now well over half way through so if you are keeping up and putting your blocks together as we go you should be now seeing some lovely results. If you have just joined us never fear, just scroll back through the archived messages and all of the blocks will still be there.

Some party pics:


Jumpin’ Jacks – fantastic place for a party, walk in ,walk out, coaches, fun, games, food – everything a party needs to be.

tess cake

a very last minute attempt at a birthday cake  – but what the heck, they just eat it don’t they?


oh to be young, innocent, not a care in the world and have a sleepover party with your two best friends…. by the way, this photo was taken by me still in bed after breakfast in bed, reading the paper and generally having a perfect Sunday morning….

hugs for today and happy birthday my dear Tessie , Helen

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Tomorrow is the fourth anniversary of the birth of our little Surprise Matilda May. The innocence of children is priceless – to watch Tilly and her friends celebrate a milestone such as this  makes you realise that all is okay in their little world. She shared the occasion with 5 little friends and her family. We love you little one, don’t grow up too quickly and don’t lose that special innocence and purity that you still live by each day.

Tilly and barbie cake

I get to be a student at a workshop for two days tomorrow so hopefully lots of stitching this week. How are you going with the Olympics? I have finished two complete stitchery panels and almost finished colouring a new wallhanging…  Just have to get to the machine to make them all up now… Maybe an Olympics challenge is a good idea, see if you can get all your NPNT blocks up to date during the remaining 11 days of sporting events.

hugs, Helen

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Just in case you havent heard about it, or seen the logo splashed on peoples blogs across the world I thought I would tell you about an exciting (and now huge) swap happening over on my other blog.

Now the deal is that you can sign up to be a secret Stitching Angel and send some little stitching accessory gifts to your mortal or you can just visit my blog each week beginning 18th August for a FREE, yes FREE pattern from 7 top designers from around the world. You can see them all over here..

so just thought I’d let you know as it closes soon on the 15th August. Then the work begins for me to swap over 200 Angels..

hugs, Helen

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