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Starting on the 1st of January 2008 I will be featuring a different block here each week. They will stay in the archives so it doesnt matter if you are not stitching in the same order as me. Please join in, leave a comment, send in a photo of your block, something nice you did this week or someone nice in your life…



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  1. I still have this record from when I was a little girl. My Dad hated it but never through it out, even though he hid it many a time. Years later I was recording a tape for him and as a song in the middle I added this. He thought that it was cute.

  2. Hi Helen,
    I love your patterns and have quite a few. I am interested in your block of the week patterns but can’t figure out how to access them, or what they cost. Hope you can point me in the right direction.

  3. Hallo Hellen,
    your patterns are wonderful!
    I like patchwork and stitching.
    Greetings from Germany

  4. Helen:
    I just came across your blog. I would like to know how I get your block of the week? I love the puppies block. Is that one of your block of the week?

  5. I love the photos of your block of the week! Can you tell me how to get the patterns??
    Thanks so much!

  6. I live in Canada and would like to obtain the nice people nice things quilt pattern. Can you tell me how I could do this? Thanks

  7. Where do I purchase the nice patterns nice things stitchery?

  8. Lovely block of the week! Can you please tell me how to get the beautiful patterns ?? I live in Denmark.
    Looking forvard to hear from you

  9. I absolutely LOVE your Block of the Week Patterns! How do I get them? Anxiously awaiting your reply!


  10. Hi from Canada.
    I just found your site and love it! So very interesting. I would like to know how to access your patterns?

  11. Hi,
    Please tell me how I can access your block of the week.

  12. Hi,
    Love all of your patterns, but can’t figure out how to download the block of the week. Glad to see I’m not the only one. Help?!?!? Please?


  13. Hi Helen,

    Im having the same problem as the rest of the commenters. I really like the Block of the week, but where do I get the pattern? Would be great if you could tell me! ๐Ÿ™‚
    And, I have found another blog to follow ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a nice day!

  14. Hi Helen, I don’t quilt per say but want to learn. Thought this would be a great place to start learning. Thanks Have to find your blocks now,Thank you Jude

    • HI Jude, welcome to our blog and I am glad to be of help. You may want to keep watch on my other blog at in the next few weeks as I am preparing a mystery summer holiday quilt project which will have lots of step by step photos and instructions to make a traditionally pieced quilt…. learn along with me.. Helen

  15. Hi

    Just adore your block of the week! I have been frantically searching how to download. Please help as my fingers are itching to start.

    Many thanks

    Sue from England

    • HI Sue, the pictures are just for ideas, colour choice, inspiration and sharing. YOu need to purchase the pattern at or from any of the stores on the stores page of this blog. We hope you join us soon! Helen

  16. Hi Helen,
    Just a short note, I started “Nice People, Nice Things” February of last year in my craft classes along with 5 of the other girls plus our teacher Maria of “Craft Haven”. I still have about 24 blocks to stitch and have already started to put the quilt together. I have LOVED doing this project, and can already see that this will be one of my best quilts so far, it looks fantastic. I’m going to really miss stitching these blocks once I’ve finished the quilt.
    All the best for your future projects, I’ll be keeping an eye out more of your work.

    Toni Gibbs – CRANBOURNE

    • hi Toni, thanks for writing and I am so glad you have enjoyed it so much as many around the world have…. I am trying my hardest to come up with something similar for mid 2009 – similar type project but with a different twist to reinspire you.

  17. I’m finally going to start your NPNT stitchery quilt!! Just got the patterns yesterday from Nadine at Material Girls. Will the photos remain on your blog for color ideas? I told Nadine about the bonus “Grandpa” block as she has begun her quilt as well. Do you have a saying for the back side of his block? Love your ideas and color choices. You make a lot of people happy with your stitcheries and quilts. Thank you so much.

    Bev in Utah, USA

    • hi Bev, glad you could join us. Please say hi to Nadine for me, her store is just lovely. The photos will always stay on the blog, just keep going backwards to find what you need. There were also a couple of other bonus blocks and I have had a ‘daddy’ block requested which I shall do when I get a minute. No, I havent done verses for the back but you could google ‘verses and sayings’ and find something that suits you and the bonus blocks. The alphabet I used is on the blog (left column) to download as a PDF and then trace your letters to make your saying. Happy Stitching, hugs Helen

  18. I should like to join in and do a block too looks like you have a great group going the best to you grandma Kathy

    • HI Kathy, you can join us at any time you like. YOu can purchase the pattern set here then just join in. You can look back over all the posts on this blog to see what threads etc I have used and also some other bonus blocks and things. Hope to see you here soon. hugs, Helen

  19. I have aquired some quilt pieces that I have no idea what quilt pattern they are. the pieces have a tag attached to them with the size of the piece and how many there are. How would I find the pattern for this quilt? Would you be able to help me find the pattern?

    • HI Georgia, there would be thousands of quilt patterns out there they could be from, there is no way of finding which one it would be. I would suggest writing down the sizes of the pieces that have been cut and then just browsing patterns to see if you can find one that uses similar sizes pieces and use one that uses as many of them as you can. if they are just squares there would be many that would work, anything with squares or triangles. Helen

  20. on all those quilt squares that I had no idea what the pattern was. I figured out that I could make my own design by by just laying them on my cutting mat with the squares on it and move the fabric pieces around to make a design. Then counted how many I would need and checked to see if I had enough for my quilt. Worked! Have made two baby quilts. May have to cut some of the bigger pieces to use the rest of the pieces.

  21. Thank you for the most enjoyable 12 months. I have been enjoying doing the blocks, and for the first time to-day I actually have read the instructions. Yep I know sad isn’t it. So for the first time I have actually logged on to your page, and on scrolling through the blocks posted I have done mine nearly the same. I don’t do back stitch, but love stem stitch and my other difference is that I have placed small heart buttons on where most of the hearts are, except where they are too small for buttons, those I have done with the pens.
    I got by kit from “Patchwork by the sea” and hope to have it finished by June. The other change I’m making is that I’m splitting the blocks to make two quilts, and will share the other quilt with my best friend.

    • hi Lauren, that is a lovely story. I know Patchwork by Sea have had a lot of very happy customers making the quilt but that is lovely to split it and share it with a friend. We would all love to see photos one day once you have finished. happy stitching, hugs, Helen

      • Both quilts are now at the quilters. My Quilter didn’t like all the buttons. Learning curve there. But, she is not taking them off, thank heavens. It took 12 months to stitch them all on to the quilts to start with.
        When the quilts return to the North West I’ll send you some photos.

      • cant wait to see them Lauren, please do send some through so we can all see your works of art, buttons and all, hugs HElen

  22. Hello from Norway..

    Yor pattern “Block of the week” is really wonderful..
    The combination of Stitchery and patchwork is perfect. I think I must try this….

    Kind regards from, Ragnhild Sv

    • HI Ragnhild, it has been very popular, many people have loved to stitch it and also Life Is Beautiful, hugs Helen

  23. Hi, I purchased one of your quilt patterns while I was recently in Hobart and hope to make it for my daughter. I am new to quilting and the instructions in the pack seem very limited. Are there any detailed instructions on how to get started and setup the squares to embroider? Thank you for any help you can offer. Angela

    • hi Angela, there are a lot of step by step photos on this blog on how to make the quilt. If you need help doing the stitcheries you can look at my stitched sunday program on my blog at There are also tutes on the iron on transfers and threading needles etc also on my YouTube channel.
      happy stitching

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