Sisters block

I know, I too am now behind… sorry but I have been reduced to dial up speed for the week because I was naughty and spent too much time surfing wonderful blogs – how did we ever survive on dialup? You poor people who still have to, I am so sorry for you.

also in Australia this past weekend we were celebrating Australia day. Flags, barbies, parties everywhere. My Molly had her first official rowing regatta and then we were off to the beach/bush for a weekend of camping with friends. Very hot and windy and it wasnt the nicest beach but we did enjoy lamb on the BBQ for dinner (another Aussie tradition on Australia day)

The girls were each allowed to take a friend so poor husband was in a tent with 6 girls!! So I thought Sisters was a nice choice as they all played and partied the weekend away like the best of friends which what sisters are.

Sisters block
I seem to do quite a few sister themed projects and they are always very popular patterns.  This bag was a magazine designer challenge in Country threads from memory. They sent us the fabric and threads and we had to come up with a design. I gave it to my only sister for her 40th birthday but have to keep ‘borrowing’ it back for shows as everyone else wants one too.

Sisterly Love bag

It has a lovely verse all stitched on the back which you could substitute the word ‘friends’ for ‘sisters’ if you didnt have one or wanted to make it for a friend.

Sisterly Love bag verse

This one I did a few years ago having a play with scrapbooking on fabric, it is the Sisters Huggette design and these are my three  girls.

Sisters Huggette, my three girls

so, are the rest of you keeping up with blocks? maybe a week to catch up now. Have you ever done any other Sister designs or projects, we’d love to see them.

remember you can ask me to become and author to the blog so you can post directly to it rather than through comments.

hugs for today, and I’ll try to be on time with another next Monday..


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