Hi to all nice people out there in the world. My name is Helen Stubbings and I live in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. ‘Nice people Nice Things’ is a year long Block of the week pattern I have designed and released under my Hugs ‘n Kisses brand. It is intended to bring you all together to create and to inspire both in stitching and in worldly caring and sharing. So visit here often, leave a comment or send a pic of your version of a block. Tell us about someone nice in your life, something nice you have done this week or just a nice thing in your neighbourhood. I will be featuring a different block each week for the year of 2008. There may be some bonus blocks released here and some competitions to win your own personally designed block.

I want to share and interact with nice people and stitchers from all over the world and share in the passion of stitching. Just think, if every stitcher did one nice thing per week what a ‘nicer’ place the world would be! One woman can do only so much but Women can do SO much!

For photos of the Nice People Nice Things quilt go to the ‘Quilt‘ page. For weekly block posts go to the ‘Block of the week’ page.

hugs, Helen

Published on August 31, 2007 at 1:01 am  Comments (31)  

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  1. Hi Helen, I am looking forward to seeing nice things evolve. Congratulations, it looks great.

  2. thanks Kim, sorry you couldnt make it to AQM, will be sending out new products on e-news very soon!
    hugs for tonigt asI still recover, Helen

  3. I’m so excited about starting this… love my little box. How cute is that? 🙂

  4. Hi Helen,
    Just purchased my little box from Lillian in Launceston. Looking forward to watching your Block of the Week grow. I will endeavour to keep up?!!

  5. Hi Helen
    I started NPNT on my birthday 30th december, never guess which block I done…it had to be the birthday cake. Just love it about to do the saying now. I am going to try and stitch blocks that suit what is happening in my week.

  6. Helen, I am so pleased it got there in time for your birthday and you were able to stitch for your birthday treat!!! Have fun and join in here regularly, we’d love to hear from you
    hugs Helen

  7. Helen, I’m disappointed as I thought I had ordered this set for myself but turns out I didn’t yet. I will be way behind by the time I receive it. I may have to bow out for now and then maybe pick back up once I receive them. Meanwhile, I will enjoy seeing everyone else’s accomplishments!

  8. Oh Marian, I hope it arrives soon for you. BUT, anyone can join in at anytime, all blocks will stay here in the archives and everyone will do them in a different order anyway depending on the store they are doing their project with or if doing on your own, which card you decide to do next!!! So I will await the news that you have begun! hugs Helen

  9. Was going to do a block a week, but here we are at the end of the second week of the year nearly, so will have to revise plans, or do some catching up. This was to be a my year long project.

  10. Hi Helen I’ve fnished the Miracles block and would like to post a photo can you help me do this. Thanks Sandra

  11. 🙂

  12. Hi Helen

    I was at the Quilt Fair in melbourne recently and instantly fell in love with your creation! Just received the pattern and cannot wait to get started. Problem is i have several unfinish projects (UFOs) which was my new year’s resolution to complete. perhaps they might have to stay like that for the time being. Thanks Guat See

  13. I saw this quilt advertised in my latest quilting mag and could not wait to start it via a block of the month club. The first month arrived yesterday – what a cute little box … and great stitcheries … I just can’t wait to get started! This will be the first quilt I have done by myself. The online directions for putting it together are excellent!

    Thanks Sharon

  14. I just found your site. I would love to do the blocks of the weeks. Where can I find the patterns for them?


  15. Just starting and plan on doing the embroidery to the first 6 blocks then the backs then doing the blocks. I have just printed off fairy floss etc and wondered about the stiching for the back !!!! or do I have Them !!!!! in the original set of templets I am down stairs and the rest of quilt is up stairs !!!!! I will be slow at this but have fallen in love with it

  16. Hi Helen, your designs are very pretty & I could not resist to buy them. I would like to know what should be in the NPNT box, something is telling me I am missing instructions, may be the heart cards, and I am not sure how many cards I may be missing, when I purchased the box it was a little damaged, and cards were not sealed.
    Best Stitching, Karen

  17. Helen sent you a e-mail just got treasured threads too help me order your hug’s and kisse’s patterns by the month, the tutorials great your website and designs too making this too help teach this girl how too’s so excited renee

  18. You encourage me so much! I joined the stitching angels and decided to introduce myself to her! What fun!!…I have not heard from my angel yet, I am praying her wing is not injured!…but my angel in Norway is so much fun! Thank you!
    That was off the subject of your Nice blog…I just had some time to inspect it! Amazing~~ such a great idea and so true….kindness goes a long way!…your patterns are sweet~~~ my kindness that I wan to share is our starting of sending quilts to orphans, a orphanage with 80 orphans need warm quilts due to their furnace needing replaced….quiltsfororphans.com is in its’ infant stage but you are proof you just have to spread a little kindness, plant those seeds and watch them grow~~~!! Quilted Blessings! Kari

  19. Hi Helen,

    My special little block is one with our little grandson, Riley’s handprints and the date …so cute! Riley is 1 year old. It is wonderful that we are able to add our own special blocks to this special quilt.
    Thank you again for your inspiration.
    See you at Country Patchwork Cottage in Perth, WA.
    HUGS, Denise

  20. Hi I purchase your pattern of NPNT, but I am wondering, is there any chance you could add a bonus block for brother? Thanks! I am looking forward in starting my blocks.

    • hi Enchie, I may not get to it for awhile as have a lot of deadlines, if in a hurry you could use the bonus dad block and change the writing to brother using the alphabet link supplied on the blog. hugs Helen

      • No worries, it will be awhile before I could finish this anyways, you know, having too many things on my to do list, lol!

  21. Hi Helen,
    First of all: thank you for this lovely pattern. I really enjoyed doing the quilt. I started in Spring 2009 and finished it last month. You are very welcome to visit my blog to see my quilt. Sorry the blog is in Swedish but as they say “a picture says more than 100 words”.

    • wow Annika, that is really impressive! so different in the darker colourway and just two colours. Fantastic, thanks for sharing
      hugs Helen

  22. Hi Helen,
    Are you still checking this blog? I sure hope so. I need some help regarding “Nice People, Nice Things”

    • how can i help Nancy?

      • Hi Helen. Did you receive my reply?

  23. Phew! Long story short – In 2008 my hubby purchased the entire kit of Nice People Nice Things for me as a gift when I had our three baby boys (triplets!) It was an entire kit that I had seen in a magazine at Pegs Pieces in NSW (I am in Victoria). It included, the fabrics, the transfers and a little pink box with the card board print outs etc… It also include a month by month guide on what to do each month. I was very ambitious, however, with the boys, I never had the chance to do it, and with my very best friend turning 50 in December, I thought I would attempt to do it for her. However, when I opened by Kit, the actual pattern on what colour threads (all supplied) to use on which block, and how to put it together are not in the kit. I am a quilter, so I think putting it together will be easy enough, however, I would love the stitching guide. Pegs Pieces is no longer around. Are you able to help?

    • hi Nancy, there was never a stitching guide to speak of what colour to use where. Pegs pieces didnt necessarily use the colours and fabrics that I used? The best thing to do is look at the photographs on this blog of each individual block and see how I chose what to use where. But in the overall scheme of things it won’t matter. My colour choices werent realistic, nor balanced really, the threads were just chosen to match the fabrics that I had used. If Pegs did give you the exact same fabrics then they possibly also included the same threads. and you will be able to match the photos on the blog. Only a back stitch was used pretty much for everything so no stitch guide was required. you can see them all here https://npnt.wordpress.com/tag/block-of-the-week/ happy stitching, hugs Helen

      • Hi Helen,

        I am really sorry to bother you again and you have my word it’s the last time. I have read thru the blog but can’t find out how many strands of thread to use for the stitcheries. I have tried 2 but it looks to thin. I am concerned that if I do three it might be too thick for the long worded phrases.

        Thanks Regards………Nancy


      • Nancy I used Presencia perle 16 cotton which is equivalent to 1 1/2 strands so I’d use two strands of thread

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