mmmm chocolate.. will have to share

okay, who doesnt love chocolate? I have to admit is is one of my two major vices in life and takes the shine out of any diet I attempt….. but its good for you isnt it?

Check out Sarah’s new blog at She has finally joined the ranks of blogging….hi Sarah.

We are very fortunate (or perhaps not) to live in the same town as the main Cadbury Chocolate factory. Now anyone who has ever visited Tasmania has visited the Chocolate factory. Unfortunately they have currently closed down their factory and tasting tours.

So for todays block I thought we could share chocolate recipes. Leave your favourite in a blog comment and I will choose the best one for a little suprise gift – its a suprise cos I dont know what it will be yet, but I can sure find something fantastic for the winner. Mention this giveaway on your blog and leave your recipe here by Friday of this week.

Now to my recipe:

from my Christmas Truffles book:

Double choc orange balls

250g/80z crushed sweet biscuits (graham crackers)

3/4cup desiccated coconut

4 tablespoons cocoa

395g/14oz can sweetened condensed milk

2 tablespoons Grand Marnier or orange liqueur

extra coconut or chocolate shavings for rolling in.

Mix all ingredients. refridgerate until firm. Shape in to balls, roll in coconut or chocolate shavings. Refridgerate.

hugs, Helen

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cupcake site

did everyone visit the blog Julz sent in her comment under Cupcakes?  Do visit, her sister has the best cupcake ideas.  here ’tis

hugs, Helen

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Here in Tasmania we have just had our longest night of the year. Celebrated with a lantern parade for the Winter Solstice as part of the Antarctic midwinter festival.

Although we do not have the snow and ice that many of our Northern blog friends experience, Hobart is known for its cool weather so we  rugged up in our thermals, gloves and scarves and braved the chill night air to experiene the parade, fire dancing and ice sculpting. Miss Tilly was most impressed with the thousands of stars in the trees at Salamanca – they have an avenue of trees sprinkled with fairy bud lights, she is convinced Christmas is here…

now to another ‘star’ in our papers this week… our very own Hugh Jackman (well who wouldnt try to claim him as our own?) was given a star in the pavement this week in the famous Hollywood walk of fame. Can’t wait for the movie to come out as I love both Nicole Kidman and the beautiful Hugh! ahhhh…. sigh….

closer to home, my  very own star rower Miss M received an award for best first year rower in her club New Norfolk this year and her U13 State girls singles champion plaque from Kate Hornsey – home for 4 days break in her Olympic preparations – Kate was an ex Ogilvie student and New Norfolk rower so is very inspirational to the girls proving exactly what can be acheived as she heads to Beijing. Molly, you are a star to us for your efforts this year and always.

hugs, Helen

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my gift to you

Okay its finally time for a gift from me to you – yes a bonus block – another Nice thing.

Doesnt everyone thing giving or receiving a gift is a nice thing? I am not sure how this is going to work, I am hoping you can right click and copy the jpeg picture into a document. You can then resize it to fit inside your 5″ block if you need to and print it out. I will try it out and see if it works.

Sorry it wont be a transfer, you will have to trace this one. Perhaps you may choose to use it in one of your 9 spare blocks or substitute it for one of the others you don’t like so much. Or of course you may just choose to stitch it and use it in a separate project.

Feel free to share the blog link and mention this free gift on your blogs to spread the word.

hope you like it, more to come..

hugs, Helen

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School holidays have just finished and we were treated to DD2 Cyclone Tessies baking each day. By the end of the two weeks she had perfected her Butterfly cupcakes. She really did do a good job despite me having no eggs, no cream, actually not many ingredients at all left in the pantry. But never stop a chef in the making – every bit of practise means more time for me in the studio instead of the kitchen in the long run:)

Of course cupcakes are very popular at present both in the stitching world and in the baking world. Here are a few sites to check out

52 Cupcakes

Angels come to play


okay, I am salivating again now…. some to eat, some to stitch.

have fun, send me a pic of your special cupcake..

hugs, Helen

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buttons and bows

ahhh, success, I’ll put another one up tomorrow for you all.

Buttons and bows block of the week

I am stiiiillllll trying to get these pics in…. promise I’ll sort it out. In the meantime have a peek at Vanessa’s photos here.


arrrgghh, I am really trying to send you a post with a new block picture but it WONT WORK! So I will try again tomorrow and hope that wordpress has sorted out its glitch before wasting too many more hours.

Have just returned from Quilt market in Sydney where I managed to catch up with lots and lots of lovely friends and your friendly store owners who are bringing you NPNT in one way or another. We will soon have a lot more joining us also so keep an eye out on the ‘stores’ page


in the meantime I’ll direct you to some other people’s pictures to get your fix. Look at this wonderful new blog from my friend Christel, look whats in the picture all the way across the world.

and here the lovely Lisa has made a tutorial blog on what ‘not to do’ when making and assembling your NPNT quilt blocks… 🙂 she is a barrell of laughs and makes us feel ‘okay’ not to be perfect either….. do check it out and if you scroll through the main blog you’ll see some more pics of peoples npnt blocks.

Highland Quilter also has lots of pics of her progress here. and here and here.


and Lyn shows us some more here

promise I’ll try for some pics tommorrow, it was going to be Buttons and Bows after seeing so many delicious ribbons and buttons at market…

hugs Helen

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