Just in case you havent heard about it, or seen the logo splashed on peoples blogs across the world I thought I would tell you about an exciting (and now huge) swap happening over on my other blog.

Now the deal is that you can sign up to be a secret Stitching Angel and send some little stitching accessory gifts to your mortal or you can just visit my blog each week beginning 18th August for a FREE, yes FREE pattern from 7 top designers from around the world. You can see them all over here..

so just thought I’d let you know as it closes soon on the 15th August. Then the work begins for me to swap over 200 Angels..

hugs, Helen

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  1. Just wondered where you got the little angel stitchery pattern that was on this post? Is it one of your patterns? I am making an apron and would like to use them for the pockets. I am going to join your angel swap since I am an angel collector which makes me part angel already.

  2. How can I join the Angel stitching group?? Am I too late??? I’d love to do this.

  3. My husband recently passed away and to our astonishment we have been receiving this cards with beautiful little stitched angels in them. The cards are never signed with anything but “angel stitchers” and words of condolence. I was wondering how this got started and wanted to thank everyone for sending these beautiful angels. It really is nice to see people caring about others, in a world that rarely sees kindness anymore.

  4. Karen, I have no idea who is sending to you but that is such a lovely way to see my designs being used. I am so glad they are bringing you comfort and joy at this time. Stitcher’s really are angels arent they?
    my thoughts to you also, hugs, Helen

  5. […] A very ‘nice’ thing is happening in our world. Read Karen’s comment here. I have no idea who is involved but this is the exact meaning of being ‘nice’. Karen is […]

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