It seems that the latest trends in Houston at the International Quilt Market this weekend included fairies….. what fun, as you may know I loooooove fairies… Maybe this is why my early BOM quilt Fairy Kisses has been having a big resurgence lately?

Fairy kisses BOM quilt

Have any of you finished Fairy Kisses? I’d love to see a photo.

Spring also always makes me think of Fairies at the bottom of the garden… my mother in her very large garden has lots of fairy nooks and always sends the grand daughters to search for them.

My garden is just coming into its very best and I just love this time of year…. don’t you? Of course this may make all of our Northern friends a little jealous as they head into Autumn and winter – not to worry, I actually love something about all four seasons as I am sure you all do.

Fairy block

hugs for today


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Tea Party

Well what a tea party I attended over the weekend at the Gathering in the Hills in Lobethal South Australia.


A lovely group of ladies, all stitchers, gathered together in a lovely old mill, surrounded by many lovely things and inspiration to stitch lovely things and eat Loooovely food.

You can see more photos over on my other blog here but here are a few peeks at the wonderful food – the best I have seen and the lovely display. The theme was cupcakes and this was carried throughout the day.

Hi to all the NPNT’ers I met there on the day.


the biggest butterfly cakes and see the heart shaped lamingtons in the background.


the spread was so inviting but not so good for the waistline, but afterall it was a day of self indulgence





and yes, they did do a lot of stitching….

hugs for this week, Helen

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Memories, lets make some


This coming weekend I am off to Adelaide (about two states and a few plane flights) to meet lots of lovely ladies at a Gathering in the Hills. Jane from The Patchwork Apple is going to great lengths to make her first ever gathering a special day with many memories for all who attend. If you are in South Australia there are still some spots left – grab your friends and phone Jane now, for those of you who are not close enough to come along and enjoy friendship, laughter, great food, great atmosphere and great stitching, this is what you are missing out on….


Sorry to tease, but it will be a pattern one day…  It is called ‘Apple Cobbler’ and uses Colourque, applique and simple piecing techniques and is going to be so much fun to colour and stitch on Sunday. I love sharing how much fun this can be with like minded stitchers. We will be making lovely memories that do last a lifetime. I can’t wait to meet you all.

hugs for today, lots to finish before  I head off on Friday.

Helen PS I am so glad the Princess block was just what you wanted…. I shall get to drawing some more for you soon.

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Pink Lemonade and a bonus block!



Is there really such as thing as Pink Lemonade? I am not sure but it has always sounded like something that would be really ‘nice’. I enjoy a glass of pink champagne and we have all of my girls love Raspberry lemonade so we call that Pink Lemonade. But perhaps there really is a pink lemonade made with lemons with something added to make it pink? There is a recipe for easy lemonade in this months Better Homes and Gardens magazine (the Aussie one), perhaps I should try it with some strawberries in it.

I have been playing in my Illustrator program this week designing some new greeting cards for you. They are at the printers for quotes now so we shall see if they are going to happen soon. They will be a set of five chosen from the NPNT quilt – I hope they will happen and you will all like them as this is something I’d like to do more of – coordinating stationary, greeting cards, notepads etc.

So whilst playing I tidied up this block below for your little princess. I have three little princesses (well two not so little now) and as you know they are girly girls and love to play and act like a princess. Hope you like it. Hugs, Helen

princess bonus block

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Stitching angels

A very ‘nice’ thing is happening in our world. Read Karen’s comment here. I have no idea who is involved but this is the exact meaning of being ‘nice’. Karen is right when she comments that it is so uncommon for people nowadays to take time to do something such as this to make someone else’s day a little more bearable. Hugs to you all for giving hugs from the bottom of your hearts. But then we all know – all stitchers are angels.


Hugs, Helen

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