Daisy Daisy, give me your answer do….

Jeepers, we had a cold snap here on the weekend and had snow in our garden….. I know thats not unusual for some of you and you are probably thinking so what! But it is the middle of summer here and even in the coldest of winter we may get snow once every 2-3 years only.  So I chose Daisy for this weeks block to try and keep summer and my garden around a little longer….

I have put two pics here. One from the quilt and one I colourque’d which you may have noticed in the putting it together tutorial…

Daisy Block of the week

Daisy coloured
To do the colouring use any quality coloured pencil. You need to colour before you stitch if you are using the iron on pellon or you will get little dots on your colouring. Then seal the colour in with a small round paintbrush and some textile medium. Leave to dry, fuse on your pellon and stitch away. Adds another dimension doesnt it? Make sure you get the medium over every bit you want to keep but not on the background fabric or it will stain. See the little spot on the petal I misses which is now rubbing off?
have fun,
footnote: I have just had a customer who had a double up of cards in their pack – and therefore some missing. That means that there is probably another pack out there somewhere who has the missing ones…. If its you, I am terribly sorry, please let me know and I’ll send a replacement.  ooooh, I hate it when I get it wrong but as you can imagine printing, cutting and packing these packs are very time consuming and at this stage I am still doing it all myself…. that is about to change..
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