MY girls so desperately want a puppy. We have never had a dog as a pet. We have had a cat, a rabbit and chickens who have all now sadly passed and have been pet free now for 3 years. I grew up on the farm with dogs where were never inside, never went to a vet, never got special attention, they were just workers. ( although I think secretly they meant a lot more to my dad than we realised). My head chef and partner has now developed an allergy to animals including many dogs and has said a big NO to having a pet. However we think we can wear him down. The girls haveĀ  developed a powerpoint presentation on the benefits of owning a dog. The costs involved, low allergy breeds and the work involved and who will do this work. They have begun a puppy fund to save money for its purchase. We do not have a big yard – our whole back yard is a swimming pool, and will not have an inside dog so the choices are limited to small, child friendly, low allergy, low cost but cute and cuddly breeds….. any advice or recommendations most appreciated.

A funny story……yesterday Tessie Bessie had the opportunity to try abseiling with Girl Guides (a side note; she hated it and will NEVER do it again -takes after her mum here with heights). A friend with a small dog on a gorgeous pink lead was there and Tilly decided to take her for a walk down the hill. Now Tilly is only 3 but the dog is also very small – about the size of a loaf of bread – The dog took her for the walk, gravity had something to do with it but she could not stop. The dogs mum yelled out ‘grab onto the post’ and there was Tilly arms wrapped around a sign post still holding onto the lead trying not to be pulled any further downwards, hard to describe but a very funny sight…..

I know many of you will have puppies who are just as special as your children. So I hope you enjoy stitching them into your quilt. Perhaps you could add their paw print to the back of the block or on one of your spare blocks.

hugs, Helen

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