Sisters block

I know, I too am now behind… sorry but I have been reduced to dial up speed for the week because I was naughty and spent too much time surfing wonderful blogs – how did we ever survive on dialup? You poor people who still have to, I am so sorry for you.

also in Australia this past weekend we were celebrating Australia day. Flags, barbies, parties everywhere. My Molly had her first official rowing regatta and then we were off to the beach/bush for a weekend of camping with friends. Very hot and windy and it wasnt the nicest beach but we did enjoy lamb on the BBQ for dinner (another Aussie tradition on Australia day)

The girls were each allowed to take a friend so poor husband was in a tent with 6 girls!! So I thought Sisters was a nice choice as they all played and partied the weekend away like the best of friends which what sisters are.

Sisters block
I seem to do quite a few sister themed projects and they are always very popular patterns.  This bag was a magazine designer challenge in Country threads from memory. They sent us the fabric and threads and we had to come up with a design. I gave it to my only sister for her 40th birthday but have to keep ‘borrowing’ it back for shows as everyone else wants one too.

Sisterly Love bag

It has a lovely verse all stitched on the back which you could substitute the word ‘friends’ for ‘sisters’ if you didnt have one or wanted to make it for a friend.

Sisterly Love bag verse

This one I did a few years ago having a play with scrapbooking on fabric, it is the Sisters Huggette design and these are my three  girls.

Sisters Huggette, my three girls

so, are the rest of you keeping up with blocks? maybe a week to catch up now. Have you ever done any other Sister designs or projects, we’d love to see them.

remember you can ask me to become and author to the blog so you can post directly to it rather than through comments.

hugs for today, and I’ll try to be on time with another next Monday..


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message from Isabella

Isabella emailed me with this lovely message, what beautiful timing for her and congrats Isabella on your new greatgrandbaby.

 Sorry I’m not good with this contraption so can’t add to the blog so thought I’d tell you here my first Great grandson was born yesterday morning while we were up at Launceston to our fav shop Esme’s  I had been stitching Miracles in the car  on the way up from Burnie, anyway to get to the point while in Esma’s I got the call to say my granddaughter had just had a c/section so we decided since I had not trimmed my block down I should use that one as a label for his quilt.Hugs Isabella

PS as good deed for the week we have a lady we met in spotlight who has just moved from the mainland and did not know anyone here started on one of your  pocket stitcheries  she is loving just knowing she can do it also the new friendship.

a wonderful thing with stitchers, meet one anywhere in the world and you may have a new friend for life…

hugs, Helen

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competition and Nice things for the week

Have you done something nice just for the sake of it this week, did it make a difference to someones lives?? My nice thing was to offer a bed and warm home to a young girl whom we had never met, but she is moving to Hobart to study and came down to look for a house to rent… turned out she was beautiful girl and my girls just fell in love with her. I am sure we are going to see a lot more of Emily, well I hope so anyway and I know having a safe family home to stay in the past two days made a difference to her… I really think what goes around comes around and one day, somewhere, somehow someone out of the blue will do something nice or helpful for me too….

Second ‘nice’ thing to report is the delivery of another Snugglybug rug today for Ricky. You can see pics and read about it here and here….. quilters are all nice I am convinced….

now to the competition, did that catch your eye..?  I am repackaging 20 of the blocks into the cutest little chinese noodle boxes complete with screenprints, needle and maybe thread for those ‘stitchers on the go’ – you know, when you go for a beach holiday, dont have time to take something with you but when you get there you are having stitching withdrawals… Well I cant decide which 20 to choose… so everyone who leaves a comment listing 20 designs of their choice will go in the draw to win a little noodle box when they are ready…..then I’ll choose the most popular 20 from all of the comments.

Now, if you can also come up with a name for my little packages, you will get two noodle boxes….or maybe three….if we get lots of names we may have to have a vote….

 hugs, Helen

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Remember this song?


 Lollipop lollipop
Oh lolli lolli lolli
Lollipop lollipop…..

Call my baby lollipop
Tell you why
His kiss is sweeter than an apple pie
And when he does his shaky rockin’ dance
Man, I haven’t got a chance

I call him
Lollipop lollipop
Oh lolli lolli lolli
Lollipop lollipop…..

Sweeter than candy on a stick
Huckleberry, chimry or lime
If you had a choice
He’d be your pick
But lollipop is mine

Lollipop lollipop
Oh lolli lolli lolli
Lollipop lollipop…..

Crazy way he thrills me
Tell you why
Just like a lightning from the sky
He loves to kiss me till I can’t see straight

I call him
Lollipop lollipop
Oh lolli lolli lolli
Lollipop lollipop…

One of those ‘Nice Things’ in life or maybe a ‘Nice’ memory.

hugs, Helen

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blocks so far

file0101.jpgfile0100.jpgfile0099.jpgThese are the blocks I have completed so far, I’m really enjoying this quilt. I have started putting them together but because I want my quilt bigger I am putting some of the blocks with the sayings on the front and using pretty florals on the back to replace them.    

hugs Helen. S

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another birthday block

birthday block

here is another birthday block I had forgotten I had stitched. I have coloured it using pencils and my Colourque technique…. really easy, fun and adds a new dimension dont you think? you could colour all of your blocks if you wish. How is your block for the week coming along?hugs, Helen

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Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to Molly and Rohan and everyone else in the world celebrating

Happy Birthday to youBirthday Block

Love Mum

My first Baby turned 13 on Saturday! arrgghh a teenager. But she is beautiful and is growing into a lovely young woman. Then my big baby (husband) turned ?? today. I had better not reveal to all and sundry but just to say, he is older than me!!

My love to them both and a timely day to post the Birthday block…

We have a busy time early in the year with birthdays. I should have stocked up and stitched many of these blocks into cards or I thought maybe little gift card pockets would be good. Our family are very good at sending store gift voucher cards for gifts, wouldnt it be nice if the arrived in a little handstitched pocket or bag just big enough for the credit card sized voucher. mmm maybe I’ll start stitching now, Next is MIL’s 70th in a few weeks.

What suggestions do you all have?

Some verses for a card maybe –

Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you’ve got to start young

Whatever with the past has gone,
The best is always yet to come

Whatever with the past has gone,
The best is always yet to come

Whatever with the past has gone,
The best is always yet to come

“I mean, what is an un-birthday present?”
“A present given when it isn’t your birthday, of course.”
Alice considered a little. “I like birthday presents best,” she said at last.
“You don’t know what you’re talking about!” cried Humpty Dumpty. “How many days are there in a year?”
“Three hundred and sixty-five,” said Alice.
“And how many birthdays have you?”
“One.” – Lewis Carroll

A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun.  Enjoy the trip.  ~Author Unknown

 Its lovely to see a few more Nice People joining in with us here, remember you can ask me to  be added as a  author so you can post your own pics or just leave a comment to join in.

hugs for today – Helen – about to go out to lunch for Rohan’s Birthday…

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Hi eveyone,  I stitched the Miracles block a couple of days ago when Melbourne was in the throes of a heatwave.  I really enjoyed stitching it, a nice easy one start with. I don’t know if I’ll manage a block a week I’ll aim for one a fortnight….well here’s hoping….cheers Sandra


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‘A friend is a special gift tied to a ribbon of love’friends.jpg
friend       (frěnd)  Pronunciation Key 
  1. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
  2. A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.
  3. A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade.
  4. One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement: friends of the clean air movement.
  5. Friend A member of the Society of Friends; a Quaker.

A friend would have to be the most important thing in life after family. Having moved around a lot in my life I am lucky to have friends all over the country and all over the world, in many cases thanks to stitching, quilting and the internet. How did we survive without it? I consider myself to be very lucky to have so many wonderful and sharing friends on my blog who like to share my passion with me. I think I may get this block made into a gift card as it would be just a lovely token to send to a friend in need or just to say hi, and I appreciate you every now and then.

My best and longest friend is Bec. I am godmother to her first born and she to mine. We met in high school through music and her family became my second family. With all of my moving around the country we have remained best of friends and I have just been a witness at her second marriage (and I was bridesmaid at the first but we wont go there:) Even though we have not lived in the same town for many years we can still pick up the phone and chat for two hours without a pause…. she does not share my love of stitching but does appreciate any that I give her!

so to Bec, you are the special friend in my life this week and every week….

hugs to you


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joining in

If anyone would like to join in and share with our NPNT family here there are two ways of doing it. You can simple use the comment feature to send in a message OR you can email me with your email address and where you purchased your kit (just so spammers dont get through) and I will add you to the blog as an ‘Author’. You can then write a post, edit it and publish it at anytime you wish. You can also then insert photos and pictures to share with us all. I believe you do need a wordpress account for this. If you dont have one it will tell me and I will send you a ‘invite’ from wordpress to easily create one. You will then be automatically added as an author to my blog.

I wait to hear from you all,

hugs, Helen

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