Fairy Floss

fairy floss

hello to all of my ‘Nice’ friends and stitcher’s. A very busy week here with lots of Angel swapping happening over here. And of course yet another birthday party for #2 Tessie Bessie. My waistline simply cannot take one more party! But as she had a lovely party with 9 friends at a Trampoline shed pretending to be Olympians. Fairy Floss, I thought was a suitable block to show you this week as it is sort of party food? Pity we cannot make it but we simply don’t need yet another electrical appliance in the cupboard which is barely used.

We are now well over half way through so if you are keeping up and putting your blocks together as we go you should be now seeing some lovely results. If you have just joined us never fear, just scroll back through the archived messages and all of the blocks will still be there.

Some party pics:


Jumpin’ Jacks – fantastic place for a party, walk in ,walk out, coaches, fun, games, food – everything a party needs to be.

tess cake

a very last minute attempt at a birthday cake  – but what the heck, they just eat it don’t they?


oh to be young, innocent, not a care in the world and have a sleepover party with your two best friends…. by the way, this photo was taken by me still in bed after breakfast in bed, reading the paper and generally having a perfect Sunday morning….

hugs for today and happy birthday my dear Tessie , Helen

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  1. I have been wondering about this Fairy Floss ever since I saw it in the box of patterns. I thought it must be some kind of flower native to Australia. Now I think it must be what we call Cotton Candy – basically spun sugar. Is that it? The block looks great and I am sure enjoying the stitchery.

  2. What a cool spot for a kids party – gotta love walk-in, walk-out!!

  3. Ahhh… the mystery is solved! Yup, in the US we call it cotton candy. That is SO good to know. I thought it was spinning wool or something like that :o)

    By the way, your design on your other blog is FABULOUS! I love it :o) Thank you so much, Helen!

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