Well we have come to the most obvious block of the week. It seems I must have missed a week or two during the year as I think I have 3 or 4 blocks to go but as our summer holiday break started yesterday and my kids are asking ‘mum, why are you working this is supposed to be our time’ I will quickly post our block for this week and wish you all the best for the coming Festive Season. We are taking a week off in our camper trailer at the beach so I will return with the remaining blocks in the new year. I am also working on an exciting mystery blog project over at so add me to your blogroll or subscribe to the feed so you don’t miss out. Join in with me over the holidays – or for the Northerners the perfect winter quilting project as I take you step by step through a mystery quilt project using the lovely Ava Rose Fabrics.

Until then, to you and yours, our love and hugs

Helen and family


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Pink Lemonade and a bonus block!



Is there really such as thing as Pink Lemonade? I am not sure but it has always sounded like something that would be really ‘nice’. I enjoy a glass of pink champagne and we have all of my girls love Raspberry lemonade so we call that Pink Lemonade. But perhaps there really is a pink lemonade made with lemons with something added to make it pink? There is a recipe for easy lemonade in this months Better Homes and Gardens magazine (the Aussie one), perhaps I should try it with some strawberries in it.

I have been playing in my Illustrator program this week designing some new greeting cards for you. They are at the printers for quotes now so we shall see if they are going to happen soon. They will be a set of five chosen from the NPNT quilt – I hope they will happen and you will all like them as this is something I’d like to do more of – coordinating stationary, greeting cards, notepads etc.

So whilst playing I tidied up this block below for your little princess. I have three little princesses (well two not so little now) and as you know they are girly girls and love to play and act like a princess. Hope you like it. Hugs, Helen

princess bonus block

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