Well as I have just returned home from the international quilt market in Portland USA I thought it was time to preview the Quilt block. I will show you some pictures of market. This market is held twice a year and is organised by Quilts Inc. It is a trade only show where hundreds of industry people gather to showcase their wares and thousands of Industry people go to see and buy them. It is at least 10 times bigger than any trade shows we have here in Australia and is full of excitement, inspiration, opportunity, friendships and quilts of all shapes, sizes, colours and styles. It is quilt overload. But it is fantastic! I hope you enjoy some of my experiences here.

hugs, Helen

This was my pretty in pink booth in Portland with the lovely and fantastic Shannon having a well earned rest. Shannon has started a new Distributor business called Quilt Press and will be distributing exclusively Australian patterns in the USA and CanadaThis is my pretty in pink booth with the adorable and wonderful Shannon having a well earned rest.

This was the Quizzles booth this year. We didnt take quilts this time, just pics but I think it looked pretty good – we needed space in our suitcases for shopping!

This was our Quizzles booth for 2008 - we left most of the quilts at home this time but we thought it looked pretty good.

This was my all time favourite new fabric range Ava Rose – I WANT some!

This is my alltime favourite new fabric range - I want some!!

I subscribe to Beths Blog so it was lovely to meet her and chat whilst she coloured boobie buttons!

I subscribe to Beths Blog so it was lovely to meet her whilst she coloured a boobie button!

I tried to get pics of the blogs I love to read. This is Ann Sutton of Bunny Hill designs, she won the best single booth award. I got not one but two fat quarter packs of her latest range Emma’s Garden at sample spree- now to some designing with them , cant wait.

Ann from Bunny Hill Designs - she won best single booth award

Here I am at the Crabapple Hill booth – they won best multiple booth- it was lovely but very different to how we know Crapapple style. Meg is second from left, then the lovely Christel a customer and friend from Norway, then myself plus Megs girls either end…. they got to take home my booth furniture – its lucky to get a lovely home rather than the dumpster..

The wonderful Crabapple Hill girls with Meg second from left, Christel a lovely friend from Norway and myself - she won best multiple booth award

This is Joanna of Fig tree Quilts and fabrics.

Johanna Figuera of Fig Tree Quilts

and look here, its Lynette and Vince from Australia! It was  nice to be in earshot of Aussies.

Lynette and Vince of Lynette Anderson Designs were right next to us, nice to have Aussies in earshot.

Moda spend the most effort and time on their display. It takes 3 semis to bring it all in, this is just a small portion in the Moda Home section

Moda always come up with the best displays - they ship in 5 semi loads.

This is the fabulous Gina Halliday of Quilters Buzz and Threadpear studio.

Gina Hallady from Quilters Buzz and Threadpear studio patterns -what a great person, full of life and personality

Brenda Riddle of Little Acorns Blog and pattern company

Brenda of Little Acorns blog

and this is looking down our isle 2000 it went up to 2600 I think – huge…This is looking down our isle at Quilt market row 2000

hope you enjoyed a few snaps of what I’ve been up to and the Nice people and Nice things I have been meeting.

hugs, Helen

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