Teddy Bear


Teddy Bears have a very soft spot in my heart. Doesn’t everybody love a cuddly teddy bear. We are fortunate to still have both my teddy that I received as a baby and my husbands. I don’t remember the name of mine but my Husbands was ‘George’ – he has a very good memory and remembers many trivial things unlike me..  I am not sure a single teddy is such a big thing for kids these days. 40 years ago it was a special object given by a special person in the life of the newborn baby. Today, babies get so many presents, dolls, teddies, soft toys. None of my girls have one teddy they call their own special friend.

Teddies have always been a popular theme for stitchery designs and I have done several over the years, you can see some here.

Other designs can be found here, some favourites here and for cross stitchers look here.

I asked Miss Tessie to take some pics of our favourite teddies for you whilst I was writing this. Some I have made (in my teddy bear making days), some were collected, some given and some found a warm home here with us.



My teddy is the orange one and George is to his right.


Just what a teddy is for…


Teddy needs to eat his toast also…a teddy is always great for make believe games…

hug your teddy today

hugs, Helen

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  1. I love teddy bears to .I still have my teddy bear that I got when I was one years old . I am 47 now . my bear got thrown into the fire when I was young by my younger brother mum had to save her .My sister has one the same and still has hers to ..I named her twiny as there was to of then. she is scorched on the back of her head but i still love her .

  2. Very lovely. I love Teddy bear and embroidery

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