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Here you will find photos of the Nice People Nice Things quilt and or pictures stitchers have sent in. For weekly block posts go to the ‘Block of the week’ page.

Nice People Nice Things


Nice People Nice Things quilt

Block of the week, Quilt as you go method

Measures 63″ x 81″

Back of double sided quilt

Back of double sided quilt, 52 verses, 2 applique blocks, 9 ‘free’ blocks

back applique block        Back verse block

Published on November 8, 2007 at 10:14 am  Comments (19)  

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  1. I think the idea and the quilt is fantastic! Thank you for sharing your design!

  2. thanks Judy, I hope everyone will join in the spirit of being ‘nice’. hugs Helen

  3. This was a great and lovely idea, – thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Greetings,

    Thinking this might be the start of a gift for a neighboring family that really needs some TLC in their life. Although I’m not very good at hand work, I think breaking these up into weekly blocks will seem a bit less challenging to me. Thank you for your generous gift of sharing!


  5. HI Marion, the handstitching is just backstitch, very simple and quite therapeautic, I think you’ll have a lovely time stitching this and feeling good for your neighbour.
    hugs Helen

  6. I’m thrilled to bits to receive my NPNT kit today. Have dashed out to purchase fabric and cant wait to get started. I find the concept just lovely and i think I may make a quilt for each of my daughters. I have almost completed “Fairy Kisses”,just need final border and quilting. Thankyou for two beautiful inspirational projects.

  7. welcome Sandra, can you send us a pic of Fairy Kisses when its finished. I am sure we’d all like a peek. Did both daughters get one of those also?
    hugs Helen

  8. Is there a grandpa block. I would like to put one on my nice people nice things quilt?

  9. HI Yvonne, no there isnt a Grandpa block, I’ll put it on a list for a bonus block when I get the chance!
    hugs, Helen

  10. Just recieved my npnt patterns, (the envelope had seen better days but the contents were pristine)going tonight to pick out background fabric and get started. I am making 3 quilts one for each of my nieces and 1 for my sister for graduation in a few years. Not sure, but I just might have to make one for myself too! Thank you so much!

  11. I’ve been working on mine for a couple of weeks and am really enjoying it. I have Celebration, Sisters, and Home finished and am working on Quilts. I was wondering if you might consider adding Frogs to the list of bonus blocks. It’s a family thing so I might try to make one of my own if it doesn’t make your list.

  12. HI Rosalie, funny thing I sketched a frog whilst at the pool with the kids this week. I will add it to the list of bonus blocks which will start coming now that I am over the two big markets for the year. Watch this space

  13. Hi,I just purchased my little kit/box at Attic Quilts in Berwick last night. I love it, I can not wait to get started, I think I will have to go and buy the background fabric on my way home tonight.
    Thanks for a great project……

  14. I realize this is several years old, but we love it! Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog. Check out the American Quilter’s Society blog at: http://www.aqsquiltnews.blogspot.com/

    Keep up the beautiful quilting!

  15. i have just bought tour kit from a quilt shop in south australia and paid AUD$425.00 for it instead of getting as a block of the month as i live in remote victoria i did not receive any wadding with this price and now need to but 2.8 m of wadding surely this should have been given with the kit also i had to pay AUD$21.00 for the embroidery cottons and have no idea of which colour to use where can you help with the colour stitching and should i contact the retailer to ask for the wadding because without it i cannot make the quilt.
    thank you

    i have already stared to stitch one panel it is for my grandaughter

    judith hagenbach

    • hello Judith, unfortunately we have no control over stores selling kits and options. We sell them the pattern packs and they kit and cost them as they need to. please contact the store involved I am sure they are happy to discuss with you. regards Helen

  16. I have just taken up the quilting lifestyle! I love this quilt entitled, Nice things, nice people.
    Does anyone know if I can still purchase the exact original materials from the quilt designer? It is just beautiful!
    Look forward to hearing from someone … thanks, Lisa

    • hi Lisa, the original fabrics are possibly no longer available but they were just a selection ofreds and beiges which you can easily find in many quilt stores. Look for reproduction fabrics in these two colourways and just start collecting or visit one of the store who are running this program as a BOM. Not sure where you live but if in Australia try http://www.patchworkbysea.com.au or in the US try Buggy Barn. hugs Helen

    • hi again Lisa, sorry I just realised you were talking about NPNT and I answered in regards to Life is Beautiful – woops… so the fabrics are just scrappy. Just choose three colourways and collect the 40 fat quarters or just go compeltely scrappy. For store programs still try Patchwork by Sea in Australia or Happiness is Quilting in the USA.

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