Pink Lemonade and a bonus block!



Is there really such as thing as Pink Lemonade? I am not sure but it has always sounded like something that would be really ‘nice’. I enjoy a glass of pink champagne and we have all of my girls love Raspberry lemonade so we call that Pink Lemonade. But perhaps there really is a pink lemonade made with lemons with something added to make it pink? There is a recipe for easy lemonade in this months Better Homes and Gardens magazine (the Aussie one), perhaps I should try it with some strawberries in it.

I have been playing in my Illustrator program this week designing some new greeting cards for you. They are at the printers for quotes now so we shall see if they are going to happen soon. They will be a set of five chosen from the NPNT quilt – I hope they will happen and you will all like them as this is something I’d like to do more of – coordinating stationary, greeting cards, notepads etc.

So whilst playing I tidied up this block below for your little princess. I have three little princesses (well two not so little now) and as you know they are girly girls and love to play and act like a princess. Hope you like it. Hugs, Helen

princess bonus block

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Princess block. I have been thinking of doing one block for each of my grandchildren, and Tess is my little princess (only girl, three grandsons), so this will be her block. I will put her name and birthdate on the back side of the quilt. Now you need to design 3 more little hoodlum blocks for the boys!

  2. Hi,
    thanks for this nice princess. Now I can sew and stitch somethings für my princess.

  3. Oh I love the princess. She is perfect. I am doing the NPNT and I have one little princess of my own so I am so happy you did this one. Thank you Helen. I am loving doing this quilt.

  4. Thank you so much!

    I sure will add this to my quilt ast it will remind me of the days my girls played princesses all day long. I even made them a pink princess dress with paliettes about … 11-12 years ago. Where did those years go??

  5. I like all of your darling blocks so much, but I am not sure how to “get them”. Do you sell the patterns or what? I would love to get this last year’s series.

    And I have two little princess’s that really, really need this last block…..:}

  6. Yes, there really is pink lemonade. I buy it all the time in the summer. I don’t know what makes it pink.
    Thank you for the princess block. Comes just in time for my princess’ b-day.

  7. Old fashioned pink lemonade is lemonade with grenadine (red currant juice and pomegranate juice. It can also be made with cranberry juice. There is an herbal restaurant a few towns away from me that makes rasberry/lavender lemonade that is totally yummy. SuzK

  8. Hello, Helen!
    This is great for my little princess. too!
    How´s about a little prince…?

    Thank you very much!

    I read your blog regularly and have some of your patterns, too, thank you for it!

    Hugs, Susuko.

  9. Thank you for the bonus block. These blocks are just too cute!

  10. Thank you for the bonus block Helen, it is just gorgeous!

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  13. Hi, I just bought NPNT and look forward to stitching all the pretty blocks. Thanks for the bonus blocks!

  14. […] finns det bonusblock att ladda ner från NPNT-bloggen. Här är direktlänkar till Grandpa, Dad, Princess och Gift. Det är möjligt att det kommer fler framöver så jag håller […]

  15. Hello,
    Your blocks are beautiful. I love this style and colors you use for embroidery.
    I just discovered your site but I will come back often.
    Thank you very much.

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