Happy new Year

HI to all npnt’ers and a Happy New Year to you all. I trust you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year break even if just the few days…. How many got some stitching done?

If you are itching to stitch you may want to check out the free Summer Holiday mystery project I am running on my Hugs ‘n Kisses blog.

Catherine sent me these photos of a smaller version of the quilt she has finished for her sister for her 30th birthday. She has included family photographs which is a lovely idea and has used the Dandelion Girl fabric by fig tree quilts for moda.



As stated last year I must have missed a couple of weeks as there are a couple of blocks not yet featured on the blog.


So here is the Dessert block…. now dessert would have to be one of my worst habits… yes I am a  sweet tooth. However I was quite restrained over the Festive season and did not have too many desserts!

So do you have a favourite dessert recipe you could share?

hugs for today


PS – I  have over the past year I have put photographs of NPNT blocks up on this blog to help with colour choice, inspiration and ideas. It has come to my attention that they may have been downloaded and traced and shared between many. Please respect my living as a designer and my Copyright of these designs and use them only as intended. This practice is not fair to all who have purchased the patterns nor to the many stores who are running programs for you all. If you know of anybody who is doing the wrong thing please politely point out to them not only the laws they are breaking but what it may do to designers in the future. If you want us to design lovely things for you then you must support us by respecting our Copyright regulations.
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  1. Well said, Helen! If creative people do not receive income for their designs, we will not have such beautiful patterns and projects to help keep us sane! Thank you for all your beautiful work.

    • thanks Al, I love the sharing nature of this industry and that is why I do give a lot of free things but I have to put food on the table or my family just wont understand why I work night and day at this business. thankyou for understanding.

  2. I’m one of the few people in my group that has Australian patterns. I did my homework and found US distributors and, on occasion, ordered them from Australia! My friends get upset that I won’t make “just one copy” for them, so I keep telling them that if they were the person who designed the pattern, they wouldn’t appreciate losing money because someone didn’t want to come up with a couple of dollars. When they get pushy, I tell them I’d be glad to get them a copy, quote the price I paid, and offer to order it for them! This is one of my huge pet peeves. The other is when someone changes 1 thing in a pattern and says it’s now their pattern because it looks different. I work for lawyers, so I’m always preaching about copyright infringement…if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…it’s a duck!

    • HI Suz, if only everyone was like you…. thanks for understanding and thanks for having the courage to speak up here, with your peers, friends and stitching group. I think peer pressure is one of the problems with copyright. And for those like you, I would love to keep designing for you all. It gives me pleasure to see others getting pleasure from stitching. H

  3. I also understand. I do like the pictures of the finished blocks as I can go look it up online when i am having a question about doing my own blocks. There are a lot of free patterns out there. Due to a limited income I have been able to find quite a few. I also have ordered my pattern, and like all the extra help this blog gives.

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