Bonus Grandpa block

As promised now that I have my laptop fixed here is a bonus block to match your Grandma….

Here is a jpeg or you can click here to download and print a PDF of the block at correct size. Spread the word on your blogs that its here for the taking…. from me to you

hugs, Helen



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  1. So cute Helen. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Helen, He looks like fun 🙂

  3. Oh where can I see the wonderful Grandma block that goes with cutie Grandpa?

    • hi Trudie, the Grandma block was featured as block of the week on the blog last week. However it is one of the patterns in the Nice People Nice Things pattern kit which everyone is madly stitching. You can see who sells it on the Stores page of this blog or go to to see it… hugs Helen

  4. helen thank you so much for such a treasured picture.
    You have given me so much joy doing this quilt..
    Merry Christmas
    Lots of hugs and Love

    • Hi mandy, I am very glad you have enjoyed NPNT, am working on coming up with something else for middle of next year to start – give everyone else an extra 6 months to finish… any requests?

  5. Wow Helen a personal response thank u!!!!
    I would really love something for mothers day, but also could we include in it something to for step mum’s? Mother in laws and grandmothers. I do not have a mother but have a devine step mum. Also being a step mum my self my step kids always complain that there is nothing for step mum’s. hope you could do something to this effect.
    love and hugs mandy
    ps all the girls at craft haven berwick are loving NPNT there is around 15 of us doing it

    • hi Mandy, thanks for the suggestions, just one thing… do stepmums like to be called stepmums or are they just ‘mum’? If I put ‘step mum’ on something would some take offence to that – both the mums and the kids or are you always referred to as the ‘stepmum’ – just wondering….I guess every family would be different?

  6. yes very true, my step kids call me Lee-Lee, but in conversation I’m referred to as “step mum”. But every family is different.
    I’m very proud to be a step mum…
    do any others out there have any thoughts on this ?

  7. […] December 14, 2008 at 2:44 pm (Nice people Nice things BOM, Quilting) With goodwill (and lot’s more!) flowing at this time of year, Helen has a Bonus Block for all of our Nice people Nice Things Quilters. You can pick it up here. […]

  8. […] förra inlĂ€gget finns det bonusblock att ladda ner frĂ„n NPNT-bloggen. HĂ€r Ă€r direktlĂ€nkar till Grandpa, Dad, Princess och Gift. Det Ă€r möjligt att det kommer fler framöver sĂ„ jag hĂ„ller […]

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