Grandma’s are very special things….. I got to catch up with my one remaining grandparent last week when we went interstate for the family wedding… She has been a great influence on my life being a dressmaker, embroiderer, knitter, crocheter and now quilter. She taught myself, my brother and sister to knit, crochet and do fancywork. And in the last few years has taken up patchwork and just loooooves any stitcheries I can throw her way.

She now lives in a home in one small room but still manages to fit her sewing machine and her large craft cupboard. I use a lot of my seconds transfers and put them onto scrap fabric and send them to her to stitch. She stitches about 20 at a time and makes them into quilts which she then very easily sells to staff and family at the home… so I am pleased I am able to give something back to her now…

Here is Gran at the wedding last week.


 IMG_5763 IMG_5821

now I must say we were all exhausted at the reception and just wanted to go home to bed but old Gran was partying on and we couldn’t have her up later than the grandkids so had to hang in there until we could ship her home to the motel.

I don’t expect she’ll ever see this post as we haven’t manage to computerise her yet…. but there is still time isn’t there?

Now I don’t want to discount grandfathers here…. I know there is none in the quilt but I promise as soon as I get a chance in the next couple of nights I shall do you a bonus Grandpa block..

hugs, Helen

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