It is Spring here in Hobart at the bottom of the world. I think my favourite season in my garden….. Tilly and I have been busy planting a new vegetable garden which she checks for me every day and pulls a few weeds. She has planted and tends to her petunias and a little hothouse of rocket…. all very educational for her and the look of wonderment on her face as things grow is very exciting for me.. it never ceases to amaze me how you can actually see them soaking up new things and constantly learning..

anyway, some pictures from my garden this week.iris

pink columbine

seduction rose

blue columbine



Some great inspiration for new colourque projects and fun. Have you seen my inktense tutorial here?

hugs for today, take time to smell the roses wont you?


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  1. Oh Helen,

    The flowers are beautiful. What gorgeous pictures. Although we are moving into winter here, we are different than the rest of the US in that my daughter and I have just put in our gardens too.
    Have a great one,

  2. Your pictures and flowers are gorgeous. You have quite a green thumb. I am going to keep these pictures handy. They will brighten up the winter days that lay ahead here in the middle of the USA. It is so nice of you to share. I agree whole heartedly. You really can see little ones soak up new information. It is thrilling and rewarding to see. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Spring sounds lovely, here i Norway the winter has just started with a little snow and teperature below 0 degrees Celcius. I love and admire yuor stitchery!

  4. Helen – thankyou for sharing these beautiful photos!! Here in Juneau (Alaska) our summer was so rainy this year…it was just not conducive to enticing all the beautiful buds to actually bloom:( Winter of course, has brought it’s own beauty and colors, but it was great to read your blog today and come across these GORGEOUS blooms – they brightened up my day!

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