Peace OR Quiet

Yesterday we decided to use some fuel and head upto the mountains to see some snow (a rare occurence here). We went close by to Myrtle Forest in the South of Tasmania. Unfortunately we were too late and the snow had all disappeared but we did have a lovely walk through the forest to the Myrtle Falls. As the snow was melting the falls were running beautifully and an easy 8 minute walk through the ferns and trees along a muddy track with many stone steps took us to the viewing platform. Miss Tilly felt she could go no further but with a little urging and some fun squelching in the mud in her rubber boots she made it to the top. Tessie Bessie was intent on getting to that clean fresh water and for the first time drank pure rain water from a stream with great excitement. We had to search along the creek access points where she could get to to drink without falling into the icy cold water. I didnt know whether to feel ‘alive’ and thankful for this clean abundance of water or guilty because she was getting so much from the experience – what have we been doing if it took almost 11 years for her to experience this?

Anyway, on the way back down the track to the car we had a discussion. I said, ‘Isnt it so peaceful here’ and Tess’ reply was ‘and quiet’.  Reflective thinking here- what is the difference between ‘Peace’ and ‘Quiet’. In her mind there was an obvious difference, an inbuilt not learned difference… although it is sometimes nice to have ‘quiet’ in our space it is ‘Peace’ we all want and work for in our lives and in the world.

Okay so we are getting a bit deep here, for my dad and for a bit of fun look closely at the pics below. I am not sure if this would live up to Tasmanian National parks OHS or public Liability standards…. 

We walked under it very quickly 🙂

hugs, and peace




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