School holidays have just finished and we were treated to DD2 Cyclone Tessies baking each day. By the end of the two weeks she had perfected her Butterfly cupcakes. She really did do a good job despite me having no eggs, no cream, actually not many ingredients at all left in the pantry. But never stop a chef in the making – every bit of practise means more time for me in the studio instead of the kitchen in the long run:)

Of course cupcakes are very popular at present both in the stitching world and in the baking world. Here are a few sites to check out

52 Cupcakes

Angels come to play


okay, I am salivating again now…. some to eat, some to stitch.

have fun, send me a pic of your special cupcake..

hugs, Helen

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  1. Hi Helen, I have recently started on this quilt and am loving it – even all the stitching of the verses! Some might call me mad!! I just wanted to let you know of my friend’s blog. She makes cupcakes and not only are they delicious they are true works of art. Check it out at –

  2. oh, yummy! I love cupcakes!!!
    and my cupcake is finished now too!

  3. Hi Helen, I’ve enjoyed it here and I think your blog is simply gorgeous, along with your designs. Thankyou so much for that cupcake link. You are the nice person…
    ok and I’m salivating now too over all those cupcakes – it might have something to do with it being dinnertime here! Anyway, I wanted to stop by and say “thankyou”.

  4. Hi,here is my picture of a cup cake I appliqued onto childrens’ aprons to sell last christmas. I knew they were popular at the moment but I didn’t realise they were as popular as they are. I will have to have a look at the sites you have listed.
    I love your designs.

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