competition and Nice things for the week

Have you done something nice just for the sake of it this week, did it make a difference to someones lives?? My nice thing was to offer a bed and warm home to a young girl whom we had never met, but she is moving to Hobart to study and came down to look for a house to rent… turned out she was beautiful girl and my girls just fell in love with her. I am sure we are going to see a lot more of Emily, well I hope so anyway and I know having a safe family home to stay in the past two days made a difference to her… I really think what goes around comes around and one day, somewhere, somehow someone out of the blue will do something nice or helpful for me too….

Second ‘nice’ thing to report is the delivery of another Snugglybug rug today for Ricky. You can see pics and read about it here and here….. quilters are all nice I am convinced….

now to the competition, did that catch your eye..?  I am repackaging 20 of the blocks into the cutest little chinese noodle boxes complete with screenprints, needle and maybe thread for those ‘stitchers on the go’ – you know, when you go for a beach holiday, dont have time to take something with you but when you get there you are having stitching withdrawals… Well I cant decide which 20 to choose… so everyone who leaves a comment listing 20 designs of their choice will go in the draw to win a little noodle box when they are ready…..then I’ll choose the most popular 20 from all of the comments.

Now, if you can also come up with a name for my little packages, you will get two noodle boxes….or maybe three….if we get lots of names we may have to have a vote….

 hugs, Helen

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  1. Have finally started to draw up my blocks, am still going to try and get this quilt done this year, so want to start the stitching,but, also want to draw all the blocks up first.

  2. (especially because we are just like the family in the stitchery – Mum, Dad, Daughter and son!)
    3. cup of tea
    4. puppies (because we have a little dog too)
    5. smiles
    6. friends
    7. miracles
    8. happiness is
    9. birthdays
    10. flowers
    11. pink lemonade
    12. memories
    13. cupcake
    14. roses
    15. beauty
    16. quilts
    17. handbags
    18. strawberries
    19. shoes
    20. Christmas

    okay, there are my 20 picks :o)
    My guesses for a name um…
    *A nice little bit
    *little bits of nice
    *A little bit of nice
    *holiday happiness (because you can take them on holiday!)
    *nice things come in small packages
    *A stitch here, A stitch there (because you can take a little box of stitching anywhere!)

    and today for my nice thing to do, I am looking after a friends son while she works.

  3. What a great idea, Helen. I suffer from stitcher’s withdrawl ,as you aptly put it, at times. So, I’m thinking they could be named “Stitcher’s First Aid Box” or “Stitcher’s Withdrawl Breakers”. Appropriately then, my favourite would be “Stitching”! I too have completed the “Miracles” block because one of the ladies in our patchwork group has just become a grandma and we are all thrilled for her! I’ll do another for the new Mum too.

  4. I wrote a whole big comment with the 20 stitchery’s I thought should go in the box and some ideas for the name of it – and it dosen’t seem to be here? I came back because I thought of another name for it:
    *A slice of nice

  5. Helen, you wont believe this but I have just kitted up your tempters for our front counter to include everything – Tempter pack, calico, pellon, needle and thread! Great minds think alike. I’ve called them Tak-away Packs with the lot – that’ll be perfect with the noodle boxes!
    Looking forward to seeing your packs!

  6. ooops…will post later re designs…thinking…

  7. What a lovely thing to do for Emily. Thanks for sharing, Helen.
    I think ‘Stitching to go’ or maybe something with the takeaway theme, ‘cos of the noodle box. What ever you call it will be just right. I can’t wait to see your new concept in the shop.

  8. my pick of the blocks would be:
    Friends, roses, sunshine, stitching, honeybee, home, cup of tea, Cristmas, cupcake, daisy, smiles, handbags, flowers, love, angels, quilts, laughter, family, spring and butterfly.

    Namesof the noodle boxes:
    Quilter’s take away
    Stitchers fix
    NPNT take along.

    Still stitching away, finished my Friends block started Lollypop. Just love the block of the week, don’t have to make the hard decision of which one to do

  9. Hi Helen, We must be on the same wavelength with grouping your great stiticheries. Lesley and I both chose a little set of stitcheries last Saturday. Mine are Miracles, Lollipop, Sunshine, Kittens, Puppies, Bedtime, Butterfly, Party time and Teddy bear. I can’t remember all of Lesley’s I think she had about 12. I’ll get back with a list tomorrow. As for a name mmmmmmm… Number 20 to go or Ready Set Go
    bfn Sandra

  10. Hi I’m back with my 20 picks,
    Home, love, miracles,peace, music, innocence, memories, spring,flowers, daisy,roses, beauty,butterfly, honeybee, ladybug, strawberries, stitching, buttons and bows, quilts, stars.
    Now I’m off to stitch lollipop
    bfn Sandra

  11. Hi Helen,

    What a fabulous Block of the Week Kit – “NICE THINGS’.

    My 20 favourites are:
    Family, Grandma, Friends, Memories, Birthdays, Butterfly, Peace, Strawberries, First Kiss, Fairies, Teaparty, Ladybugs, Stars, Angels, Sunshine, Smiles, Love, Stitching and Quilts.

    I think a nice name for the noodlebox kit would be “NICETIES”.

    Keep ‘Kreating’,

  12. I like the name “Love ‘N’ Stuff”

  13. Hi Helen – love the little kit idea – how about “Notes to Go”; “Fast Stitching Packs” or “Stitching in a Box / Stitching Box” (either one). Good luck with the naming – I’m sure its harder work than designing the stitcheries 🙂
    Kind regards – Dawn

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