‘A friend is a special gift tied to a ribbon of love’friends.jpg
friend       (frěnd)  Pronunciation Key 
  1. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
  2. A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.
  3. A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade.
  4. One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement: friends of the clean air movement.
  5. Friend A member of the Society of Friends; a Quaker.

A friend would have to be the most important thing in life after family. Having moved around a lot in my life I am lucky to have friends all over the country and all over the world, in many cases thanks to stitching, quilting and the internet. How did we survive without it? I consider myself to be very lucky to have so many wonderful and sharing friends on my blog who like to share my passion with me. I think I may get this block made into a gift card as it would be just a lovely token to send to a friend in need or just to say hi, and I appreciate you every now and then.

My best and longest friend is Bec. I am godmother to her first born and she to mine. We met in high school through music and her family became my second family. With all of my moving around the country we have remained best of friends and I have just been a witness at her second marriage (and I was bridesmaid at the first but we wont go there:) Even though we have not lived in the same town for many years we can still pick up the phone and chat for two hours without a pause…. she does not share my love of stitching but does appreciate any that I give her!

so to Bec, you are the special friend in my life this week and every week….

hugs to you


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